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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Humour, mystery and finding true love.

The Infamous Heir (Spare Heirs #1) by  Elizabeth Michels

Lady Roselyn Grey is conflicted. We discover more about this as we go along. She is conflicted by who she really is and the life she feels she should plan for. Indeed the ease of being engaged prior to a London season meets all her criteria. She is unsure because she is the sister of the reputed 'mad' Duke of Thornwood. An engagement prior to her season would be so much easier. All that is thrown into chaos when her fiancé and Trevor Moore, Lord Ayton, and heir to Ormesby Place, is killed in an accident.
When Trevor hands Roselyn his list of requirements for the marriage, any sane woman would have run for the hills. Roselyn doesn't seem to quite understand what she is getting into, apart from marrying the heir to the lands adjoining her family's.
Ethan Moore has been earning a living as a prize fighter. He is the black sheep of the family and the childhood playmate of the now very ladylike, Roselyn. There are some perfectly unladylike moments which are very funny and at odds with the exterior Roselyn is trying to maintain.
Ethan has returned to the family estates reluctantly. He and his perfect brother Trevor are like chalk and cheese. This does not mean he wants to murder his own brother. Unfortunately that is just what the only witness to the 'accident', Roselyn, thinks has happened!
The family jet mines loom as a place of tragedy and inquiry. I found the discussion about the mines and the author's notes quite fascinating. I love jet but had no idea about the dangers involved in the mining of it during those times.
The mystery and investigation of Trevor's death is taken over by Ethan's Heirs Club friends. Mind you Roselyn wants to investigate things as well. She needs to be sure. Ethan may have caused Trevor's death. 
A mysterious enemy is at hand however, linked to Trevor's death, the mine, and Ethan's family history.
And of course there is love denied, love forsaken and love claimed.

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