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All art is unstable. It's meaning is not necessarily that implied by the author, There is no authorative active voice. There are only multiple readings. David Bowie, 1995

Friday, March 25, 2016

duty and pleasure...

Lady Grace Landon has many shadows to dispel. John Merrick, the Earl of Corbeau has his own set of ghosts to slay.
When Grace found a satisfying place to read some correspondence she rather the rest of her family didn't find out about, she wasn't to know that Lord Corbeau sought the same place to evade a party game he didn't want to join in. The thing was that he didn't leave the door ajar as Grace had.
Being caught in a locked storeroom together was not planned, or even remotely sought. And yet this travesty against societal rules occurred. Particularly as this was the very a man whose proposal Grace had refused some years ago. But Lord Corbeau is ever mindful of his duty.
Their hurried engagement and fraught courtship is frustrating as neither seems to be able to shake the past for obvious reasons. Following this love story is akin to walking across a rock pool in bare feet. Full of dangerous, painful places. All in all, a pleasurable read with some frustrations, mainly from Grace.

A NetGalley ARC


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