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Monday, February 1, 2016

... a wife made to order--or not!

To Catch a Lady: A Hunt Club Novel by Pamela Labud    

Ashton Blakely, the Duke of Summerton, decides to forestall his aunt's importuning, hold a ball and take to wife the young woman who meets his list of the 'ideal' wife.
Gagh! Really, Ashton (Ash) Blakely is an idiot!
Caroline Hawkins chaperones her young sister to the ball with the hopes that she will make an exceptional match. Caroline has her own life plotted out--marriage is not part of it.
But then the two meet and it's fireworks in more ways than one.
Caroline has a lot to put up with in terms of Ash's immaturity. I know, I know he was emotionally damaged as a child--and it shows!
Really this read like a penny dreadful, and yet for some reason I had to see how it ended. So obviously something drew me in. For that reason alone I upped my star rating from 2 to 3.

A NetGalley ARC


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