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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sparkling with wit, humour and romance!

How to Wed a Warrior (Broadswords and Ballrooms #2) by Christy English   

Reasons to stay in London!
1. Sure it's not the Highlands     
2. It's never likely to be the Highlands 
3. Amongst those bloody English-- is one Prudence Whittaker.
Robert Waters and his brother Alexander were sent from the Highlands to London by their English mother to ensure that their wild, reckless sister Mary Elizabeth find a husband. All Robert wants to do is have her settled and hie back to his beloved highlands.
His sister, Mary Elizabeth is an unstoppable force of nature, a whirlwind of lightness and impulsiveness amongst the young misses of the ton. With a big heart, she is unexpected and constantly being led astray by her rash inclinations. Drawing a Claymore in Hyde Park might seem unremarkable to Mary Elizabeth, but to the 'hoity footy' high steppers of the ton it's tantamount to social demise.  She needs lessons in expected behaviour and she needs them now. Else Robert might never be able to flee back to his beloved Highlands.
Widowed Prudence Whittaker (really Lady Prudence Farthington) seems like the answer to his problem. Prudence is a woman of secrets, hiding out in plain sight as a 'companion'. This intelligent Englishwoman just might prove to stay Robert from his course to quit London as soon as possible. Indeed his plans to flee just might wither and die.
I really enjoyed 'How to Wed a Warrior', more so than 'How to Seduce a Scot'. Prudence is a wonderfully strong and resilient heroine who can give as good as she gets. Robert Waters is a delightful highlander rogue with a keen heart and a discerning eye. Mary Elizabeth, as in the previous novel, is pure gold, a treasure. 
I look forward to her story.

A NetGalley ARC


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