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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marriage and feuding clans!

Highland spitfire (Highland Weddings) by Mary Wine

When Ailis Robertson is forced into marriage to the son of the clan's bitter enemies, Bhaic MacPherson by the Kings's Regent her despair knows no bounds. Not that Bhiac is any happier. In fact his treatment of her, dumping her at his castle, ignoring her and in that non acknowledgement of Ailis's place as the Lady of the Castle, sowing the seeds for further hurt and unhappiness.
I enjoyed reading Highland Spitfire, although the storyline was a tad predictable. All those feuding Scots and the hated English conquerors making them dance to their tunes. An indisputable historical fact that has been working so well for the historical romance genre.
Plenty of scope for intrigue, unforgiving causes, enmity...and love!
The reluctant wife who wins over the castles staff ...and eventually its Laird is a tried and true theme but here it works.
I look forward to brother Marcus's story.

A NetGalley ARC


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