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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lost love, dangerous spies, betrayal and loyalty.

Returning to England after her husband's death Sophia Gardiner found her first love, Aidan Somerville, the Duke of Forster cool, remote and ready to judge.
Before their first meeting all Adian could think of was Sophia's betrayal and a just retribution for her actions. After Aiden had seen her all he could think of was her.
Yet his duty to country and loyalty to his friend Tom counted for something. It was up to him to determine what had happened. Yet he'd not taken notice of Sophia and her wants.
Sophia, a brilliant botanists and garden designer, painter and once the love of Aiden's life now faces danger, and her true love, with courage and trepidation, not in equal measures.
I enjoyed this immensely, the character and the plot captivated me. If this is the first in the series, then I have high hopes for the subsequent volumes.
The tension and mystery is highlighted as the story unfolds, gradually revealing more of the subplots as we move into the heart of the matter
The difficulty for Sophia is that she is caught in a no win situation. She has a responsibility to past promises that include responsibilities for the future. All conflict and lead to troubled situations, particularly between herself and Aidan.

A NetGalley ARC


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