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All art is unstable. It's meaning is not necessarily that implied by the author, There is no authorative active voice. There are only multiple readings. David Bowie, 1995

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Immensely enjoyable.

The Bargain  (The Duke's Sons prequel) by Jane Ashford

A pleasure to read, this prequel to the Duke's Sons series begins with the Duke's youngest son of the Duke of Langford, Lord Alan Gresham, a reputed scientist, being called by the Prince Regent to Carlton House to put an end to the embarrassing appearances of the ghost of a leading actress, Tess Harding, and the Prince's past mistress. Gresham responds to the Prince's demand, but is nevertheless annoyed to be pulled away from his precious experiments.
Ariel Harding has her own reasons for wanting to learn the truth of the hauntings. What she does discover is the very attractiveness of the reticent Lord. Between the hauntings and watching Ariel dispense advice to his brothers, Gresham is not sure whether to be amused, annoyed or beguiled by the vivacious Ariel. 
A pleasing Regency Romance and a fun read!

A NetGalley ARC


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