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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Touching and enthralling!

In Search of Scandal (London Explorers #1) by Susanne Lord.

A roller coaster read that pulls at the heart strings. The raw emotions, the dark secrets that Will Repton fights tug at you as you realize his life has been put on hold, arrested by the dreadful things he has scene. Witness to the slaughter of all his companions in Tibet, Will Repton cannot rid his mind of the events, nor his determination to search for a possible sole survivor. Harbinger of secrets, he reveals to no one his troubled quest. He quietly goes about making plans to return to the area to investigate possibilities wrapped up in the excuse to hunt for more exotic species.
Charlotte Baker is enamoured of Will before she meets him. She has closely followed his work over many years and is delighted to at last meet her hero. A dazzling beauty, she cares little for her appearance. Charlotte's convinced that meeting Will will be a marvelous adventure. Little does she guess that though her expectations are not met in many ways, in others she has found her destiny. Charlotte is whimsical and forthright, a breathe of fresh air blowing through the social arena of the time. She is in awe of Will the adventurer and it's only as she comes to know him that she realizes that something is amiss. Sparks often fly in their encounters. Yet their encounters are honest and true. Unfortunately Will has plans that don't include Charlotte, plans to placate his devastated conscience, plans that call for no involvements, least of all a wife. And yet he cannot help but be concerned for Charlotte and troubled by her Lordly courtier.
Charlotte is a positive person and her encounters with Will trouble her as she tries to understand what motivates him. They are drawn to each other, unwitting lodestones of attraction. Can trust and love be accommodated? Is Will able to quell his demons and take up the challenge of a life with Charlotte. The tension is drawn page after page in their advancements and retreats as they struggle to find answers.
A touching and captivating read, that refused to let me go.

A NetGalley ARC


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