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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Perfectly splendid!

Daniel's True Desire (True Gentlemen #2) by Grace Burrowes  

*Ten stars* for this latest True Gentleman episode. What a pleasure this latest of Grace Burrowes' novel is--fascinating, intelligent and complex. 
'True Desire' is a gem! Daniel Banks  is all that one could wish for. A gorgeous man, inside and out--good, true and desirable. He's been well and truly deceived by his wife who has taken herself out of his life. She is a murky, vain, grasping, self-centred woman, whose actions reflect this. Being separated is not the best recommendation for a country vicar, hence his move to Haddondale and a living under the aegis of the Earl of Bellefonte. 
Daniel is empathetic and honourable. He is a far cry from many of the vicars we come across in novels. This is a man who understands people out of the depths of his own humanness. Lady Kirsten Haddondale recognizes this about him.
Kirsten has been protected by her family. They understand some of her challenges, not all. They do however want to support her in her various pursuits and interests. The new vicar becomes one such interest
Daniel seems to see right into her heart. He understands who she is.
How I loved Daniel's straightforwardness, his integrity. 
His dealings with his loveable 'rotten' boys are simple, well thought out and deceptively intuitive. 
Notes of sunshine surround this story, despite the tension--it enlivens the soul and tackles the vagaries of life with zest.

A NetGalley ARC


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