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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Be careful what you wish for!

So I Married a Highlander (What Happens In Scotland #2) by Kate McKinley  

Lady Evelyn Alexander seems to have found herself in an interesting situation in her flight to Gretna Green to marry her fiancé, Stephen Crawford. The relationship is such that they should be able to should be able to rub along well enough together. Evelyn is determined to set up her own household, out from under the feet of her managing ducal brother, Lucas.  Lady Evelyn chivvies the bridegroom along rather than the other way around. She is very a 'take charge' managing young woman. And when her plans look like being thwarted Evelyn hies off looking for a solution.
1. Lady Evelyn is somewhat of a prima donna and feels the world is there for her to order around and assist her in pursuit of desires and she wants to be married before her brother can find them.
2. Lady Evelyn really shouldn't down strong drink when she's cross and trying to prove a point.
3. Lady Evelyn manages to lose her fiancé and has to find him, even if it means using the tantalizing, infuriating Alec Mcallister.
4. It seems that under the influence of strong drink Lady Evelyn's inhibitions are completely compromised, particularly when confronted by luscious Scottish blacksmith Alec McAllister--this relationship is definitely more than polite friendship.

The last thing Alec McAllister was looking for was a wife. Somehow he seems to have obtained one...and he's not sure that he wants to let her go!

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