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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Riveting military space opera!

A Choice of Treasons (Treasons Cycle) by J. L. Doty  

Lieutenant York Ballin, a naval combat lifer, with more experience and determination in his little finger than the whole Imperial Fleet commanders put together is caught in a cat and mouse game of pursuit spanning deep space--and the pursuers are mounting. The Federal Directorate of the Republic of Syndon and his own Imperial forces want to blast his ship, the cruiser Cinesstar, into nothingness, and for what? True on board is the Empress and the Princess. Who wants them dead? A let's not forget the silent hunter who's tracked him from the beginning.
Then there's the mysterious references to Ballin's antecedents that he himself has only just gotten a fix on. Oh, and let's not forget Ballin's arch enemy on the deck, Sierka.
Political and economic power and greed are accompanying contributors behind this situation those on the Cinesstar are subjected to. This war has dragged on for over two years. Millions of lives have been wasted. And the Empress is up to something that's embroiled them all.
The drama drew me in. I hear echoes of David Drake and John Ringo. There's maybe a smidgin of Tanya Huff with the portrayal of the Master Sergeant, Mieka Palevi, a character I thoroughly enjoyed. When Ballin is made an acting marine CO, Palevi is the one who shepherds him through the transition. Palevi is the one who has his back.
This was a truly enthralling read. I am fascinated by the Kinathin and their breed warriors, allies of the 'feddie's' and hope to hear more about their culture.
Action is swift, the plot moves along at a hectic pace, and I'm definitely hooked!
I await the next book with baited breath! Bravo!

A NetGalley ARC


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