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Saturday, October 17, 2015

...reluctant heroes

Reese: The Rock Creek Six, Book 1 by Lori Handeland 

I actually don't read Western romances, so it was a huge surprise to me as to how much I enjoyed 'Reese'. The series tells the stories of six crack confederate soldiers, special forces, bound by their experiences, in the post war years. It hints at their secrets and their nightmares. They have vowed that when one calls the others will come. Reese's is their reluctant leader.This first in the series captured my attention, and against my normal inclinations in reading material, after this introduction, I will be reading through them. I can't wait to discover the stories behind the men. I do so love those strong, silent types with inner anguishes who find their defences pierced by managing females with their own internal bedevilments.
Reese and his comrades are hired by Mary McKendrick, the teacher from Rock Creek to frighten off a band of desperadoes who are hassling the town. The folk are leaving, the town dying. It is up to Mary and her hired guns to sort this situation out--if they can.

A NetGalley ARC


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