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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bears and intrigue!

Bearing It All: A Highlander's Beloved Novel by Vonnie Davis 

Those handsome brawny Matheson men are back with their loveable wives and their precious niece Collen. Not to forget the pink encased hippie witch, Effie!  

This time it's Ronan who is front and centre. Taking a couple of days off, Ronan has headed to his lonely cabin in the highlands for a time of release and repair. Let the bear run free!

Instead he's catapulted into the midst of a CIA internal investigation that includes the gorgeous French intelligence agent Anisa Brosseau, accused of treason, and who's being pursued by deadly agents.
Crashing her drone in the highlands and meeting a luscious highlander is not what Anisa set out to do. And when a delectable female pursued by dangerous thugs turns up on your doorstep what's a red blooded man whose bear is equally enthralled supposed to do?
I do like it that Ronan's bear, like a naughty child, sneaks away from time to time, and takes control. Bear's growing relationship with Anisa is beautiful in its own way. Ronan's relationship with Anisa is all that could be wished for. A great addition to the series.

A NetGalley ARC


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