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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The Other Daughter: A Novel by Lauren Willig  

Set between the wars 'The Other Daughter' occasionally brought a near tear to my eye. CertInly far more going on here than at first glance.
After her mother's death, Rachel Woodley finds out that her father is not dead as she has been told all her life. Neither is he a botanist. Far from it. He is an Earl with a family. That makes Rachel illegitimate. Rachael is determined to confront him, to find out where the loving man she'd supposed dead had gone to.
But should Rachel in the guise of her alter ego Vera Merton, 'Walk away...leave her father to his other life. Pretend that she and her mother had never existed?'
Gossip journalist Simon Montfort (and cousin of some sort it seems) offers her his assistance. But what are his motives? Does Rachel have what it takes to blaze her way through the razz-m-tazz of the bright young society things, into the home of her father?
And what of Rachel's Uncle David? He after all is her father's brother. Secrets within secrets are waiting to be exposed. 
A rewarding and different read.

A NetGalley ARC


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