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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Chivalrous (Valiant Hearts Book #2) by Dina L. Sleiman  

The Arthurian legend swirls around this story of Gwendolyn and Allen. Gwen is looking for a way out from under a brutish father who is determined to marry her to a similar example of manhood. Allen is looking to make his fortune. They both become caught up in a prophecy that will place Allen as a duchy's saviour and Gwen as the sacrifice.
Of course jousts, sword fights, enlightened characters and despicable villains add to the adventure. Lady Merry makes a further unexpected appearance.
The place of women within the society at this time and the Christian faith is examined from the supposed standpoint of the characters. Certainly the issues of justice and grace and love, and the biblical tenets about the role of men and women are to the fore. Interesting from this viewpoint.
Gwen is definitely an wonderful character, as is Allen. Both struggle with their relationship with God and their understandings of how their faith will play out in their everyday life. I enjoyed this entry in the Valiant Hearts series.

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