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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Scottish historical romance

Possession of a Highlander by Madeline Martin  

It's 1606 at Angus in the Scottish lowlands, although close to the highlands. Intrigue and love stalk each other. Brianna Lindsay fights the stigma of possible illegitimacy and enforced marriage to her cousin, Lord a Robert. Disguising the fact that her father has died, Brianna continues as the lady of Edzell Castle, hoping to delay the nefarious actions of her uncle and his son.
Colin MacKinnon, a highlander, comes seeking land and a wife. Brianna is his choice. Although their way of marriage is not what he'd sought, marry Brianna he does and he is determined to be a good Lord. He didn't count on falling in love with his wife.
Treachery is but a hair's breath away and both Colin and Brianna must go through the refining fires of doubt and agony before truly finding each other.
Brianna is an interesting character with her inclination towards intellectual pursuits, languages and willingness to learn everything, including the art of seduction.
A pleasant addition to the Scottish historical romance genre albeit with some predictable moments.

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