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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

...for Queen and country

Undercover with the Earl (Entangled Scandalous) by Robyn DeHart 

Evelyn Marrington is decidedly 'spinster author' material. That's according to her view on things.  After all she's the shortest and least ethereal of all her sisters. Evelyn is busily picturing pursuing her career in a rose covered cottage as her mother is attempting to marry her off. Even if it is to an aging noble with ten children.
When duty calls in the form of one Bennett Haile, the autocratic Earl of Somersby, Evelyn does have to think twice. It seems Evelyn looks remarkably like the young Queen Victoria and she's needed. Bennett is not so sure that this is a good idea. However his superior has made the call and Bennett is already in trouble for following his intuition rather than his orders.
Spirited away from home and hearth by her cousin Ellis, and Bennett, both members of the Brotherhood, an undercover agency that protects Queen Victoria, Evelyn decides to acquiesce to their request because, after all, this is a call for Queen and country. And think of the book material she will gather. Evelyn is to impersonate the Queen at a function as the Queen recovers from an injury. No problems!
However, an attack by an assassin uncovers a plot against the crown and places Evelyn in danger. The Queen is taking longer to heal and Bennett comes face to face with how much Evelyn Marrington has come to mean to him. 
A pleasing romance.

A NetGalley ARC


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