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Sunday, August 9, 2015

...rebellion and romance

Highland Knight of Rapture (Highland Dynasty #4) by Amy Jarecki 

I love the way Amy Jaecki takes actual historical happenings and then reworks them with a storyteller's licence where they 'suffer a sea change into something rich and strange.'
I love reading Amy's afterwards, and am always gratified by the weight of her research around the families and characters she writes about.
Set in 1493, Lady Helen Maclain, at her family's urging, has made a political marriage of convenience. She finds herself married to a boorish brute who having gotten a female child on her and not the heir he wanted treats her with base disregard, parading his leman Mary in front of all, seating her at the High table. His baseness and lack of courtesy due is wife knows few bounds.
Sir Eoin MacGregor, Helen's childhood friend is sent by the King to work with the Maclains against the rebellious MacDonalds. As Eoin becomes aware of Helen's situation and danger, he must face that he has always loved her. How to save her becomes paramount, especially as her situation is becoming more and more precarious.
A romantic tale with just the right amount of knavery and deceit to add spice and interest.

A NetGalley ARC


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