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Sunday, July 26, 2015

...countdown to simplification!

Clearing Clutter: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual by Alexandra Chauran  

The link between mindset and clutter was interesting. Certainly a good introduction to the task at hand. I had been looking for a 10 easy steps. This is not that. This is a 'take a look at your life' message, with materials for reflection, and actions useful for that decluttering task.
Chairman terms it 'Simplification.'
'When you finally finish your simplification process...move the bags out if your house as quickly as possible...Don't allow yourself any time to agonize over the chore...you need to move onto the next stage of harmonizing.'
There are some gems of wise actions and fascinating 'to do's' along the way.
My 'harmonizing' journey is beginning.

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