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Saturday, July 18, 2015

...a second chance!

The Best of Both Rogues (Rival Rogues) by Samantha Grace

Lady Eve Thorne never forgot the man who'd left her on her wedding day and fled to India. One Mr. Benjamin Hillary. Eve never stopped loving him. Now, two years later, the time had come for her to take her life back, marry and have the family she'd always wanted. Scandal had stalked her after being left at the altar. Now engaged to Sir Jonathan Hackberry, Eve is shattered to find Ben returned and her love for him undiminished.
Ben is determined to win her back. All he has to do is persuade her fiancé to do all he can to have Eve break the engagement, convince Eve to marry him instead and to persuade her brother Sebastian that everything would be right and proper. Oh, and then there's the reasons behind why Ben fled in the first place.
Jonathan however is more than he seems and through him danger stalks Eve.
The glimpses of Jonathan so fascinated me that I felt this story is merely the avenue for Jonathan to take centre stage at some time. He's an enigma. There's shrouded secrets and dark sides glimpsed in the character of Jonathan.
Eve and Ben's story is fraught with the tension revolving around Ben's ability to win Eve back and Eve's ability to forgive. Eve is a stalwart, loving young woman who deserves happiness.

A NetGalley ARC


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