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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The reiver and the heiress.

An Oath Broken (The Oath Trilogy #2) by Diana Cosby  

So what can you do when you are being used as a political pawn in the shifting game of power between nations? For Lady Sarra Bellacote very little. She is being escorted against her will to her betrothed in Scotland, the place where her parents were killed by reivers. A place for her of dark continuing memories and fear. In the manoeuvres between Scotland and England Sarra's fortune is looked on as a sweetener for support of the English.  The man escorting her, Giric Armstong, an ex reiver (and unbeknownst to Sarra) the Earl of Terrick, has hired himself out to escort the heiress to her destination to gain much needed capital for repairs to his castle.
Plots within plots and treachery threaten Sarra's safety. Fate and men's inequity will take a hand in the lives of Terrick and Sarra. Cut off from the larger escort body by marauders they are forced to flee into the highlands for safety. The laws and customs of Scotalnd will effect Sarra in a way she cannot forsee.
Terrick finds himself burdened with more than he imagined and more than honour can sustain when he took up the simple task to escort the bride to her waiting groom. Love and desire entwine, yet honour must be satisfied.
A pleasing addition to the medieval Scottish romance genre.

A NetGalley ARC


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