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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Flynn's stories continue!

A Marquis For Mary (The Notorious Flynns Book 5) by Jess Michaels  

I had great hopes for Edward, the Marquis of Woodley, after meeting him in The Widow Wager. As sympathetic as I am to both Edward and Mary, I found their story just a tad vapid. It was like watching a Potential blockbuster devolve into a B grade movie. I wanted much more. Edward and Mary deserved more.
The situation should have been fraught with tension. All the ingredients were there but it just didn't quite come together for me. 
Mary, Crispin"s sister-in-law is now living with Crispin and Gemma, but the threat of her father, Sir Oswald Quinn, and his venality, his attempts to use her for his own needs and inclinations, haunt her. This, despite the fact that Rafe and Crispin have bargained with Quinn to not trouble Mary. Mary doesn't feel assured of her father actually leaving her alone.
Edward was the cuckolded husband of Crispin's love Alice. Many believe Edward murdered  his pregnant wife Alice. Alice reaches out from beyond the grave as it were as Edward is threatened by threats and vengeance from his wife's twin sisters Imogen and Isadora.
Mary is dragged into the situation.
Edward's and Mary's first words to each other certainly set the tone for the story when Edward asks her why she s lurking on the terrace during a ball, and she confesses that it's because she's avoiding her father as, '...one's father is likely considering selling one to some hundred-year-old Earl so he can cash in on a titled man's fortune and influence.'
A wonderful beginning! ..and father dearest does inject angst and situations.
Despite my disappointment, this is still essential reading for those of us who want to see how those Notorious Flynn's fare!

A NetGalley ARC

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