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Friday, June 5, 2015

Dragons with a difference!

Night of the Highland Dragon (Highland Dragons #3) by Isabel Cooper

William Arundel (a special agent from D Branch which I gather deals with the arcane, exotic and X files of the English Government of the times) is off in the Scottish Highlands tracking down unexplained human and animal deaths, encountering demons and a certain mysterious Judith MacAlasdair Lady of Loch Aranoch. An area that everyone agrees is remote, with tight lipped villages and not much in the way of communication.
Arundel finds that the inhabitants don't gossip much about the Lady. A lady he finds attractive and compelling. But when animals are killed and parts of their bodies taken in ritualistic ways he knows that the village hides secrets. The only question is will Lady MacAlasdair help or hinder him? Or even more significantly is she part of the problem?
I quite enjoyed this and having read neither of the previous novels in the series I am sure that I am going to make up for that deficit in the very near future.

A NetGalley ARC

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