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Friday, June 5, 2015

Decidedly different! A treat!

The Beautiful One (The Scandalous Sisters #1) by Emily Greenwood

I must admit to being on tenterhooks for a goodly part of this read. When, oh when, would the truth about Anna finally be disclosed?
What stance will Will Halifax, Viscount Grandville, take. Already he's attracted to Anna's impertinent, without artifice character, her matter of fact defence of all things. Will the disclosure of the scandal surrounding her being matters to an unforeseen head?
Anna is bright and betrayed. The dastardly coward who spied on her and drew her naked body only spared a thought for his career and not of the horrendous position he places Anna in. Now she is being pursued by a powerful Lord to be paraded before the ton, alongside a naked portrait, as part of his unveiling of the book, 'The Beautiful One' and the sketches of Anna. Something she must avoid at all costs.
Anna has accompanied Viscount Grandville's ward Lizzie when Lizzie is sent down from school. Grandville's in deep mourning for his wife and wants no truck with anyone, least of all his niece who reminds him of his beloved wife, and definitely not the governess who is making him feel for the first time in the long, long winter of his heart.
Anna of course becomes Lizzie's  (and others) defender extraordinaire. But who will protect Anna as she leaps to the rescue?

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