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Friday, May 8, 2015

'here be dragons--with a difference'

Rogue (The Talon Saga Book 2) by Julie Kagawa 

Having received an ARC for Rogue, I raced through 'Talon' first to put myself squarely in the picture. What a great series! Kagawa has taken a different slant on dragons from other writers. The clever play on the St. George legend, establishing a group dedicated to dragon eradication from that myth, is symbolically awesome. In Talon we were introduced to the major players, Ember and Dante (love the fire associated names) the Talon hatchlings in training, Garrett Xavier Sebastian the Order of St  George soldier and Riley (Cobalt) the rogue dragon. In 'Talon' Garrett saves Ember from the Talon assassin, Lilith. In doing so he has become a traitor to the Order of St. George and will be executed. Here, the tables are turned. Ember is determined to save Garrett. She must convince Riley to help extract Garrett from the secret St George compound deep in the desert...or else she will go alone!
Ember is gutsy, loyal and determined.
I am fascinated that Ember as human is attracted to Garrett, but her dragon side is called to Riley. How will that play out? There is definitely an intriguing attraction at work here and I am looking forward to the resolution, whatever it maybe.
'Rogue' gives us more of the back story to the rogue dragon, Cobalt (Riley and his motivations. In doing so the machinations of the Talon organization is beginning to be  revealed to us.
Dante is digging himself further into the organizational structure of Talon, always in the mistaken belief he can save Ember from herself and Talon will allow her to be redeemed.
Questions have arisen around the sureness of racial enmity and the fundamental beliefs of Talon and the Order of St George, and now the inconsistencies, possibly hinting at collusion at high levels?
The action is fast and furious. A further instalment of unmitigated emotion and excitement!

A NetGalley ARC

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