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Friday, May 15, 2015

...betrayal and bravery!

A Highland Knight to Remember (Highland Dynasty Book 3) by Amy Jarecki

Sir Sean MacDougal, a King's enforcer, has known Gyllis Campbell since she was a child. He and her brother Duncan, Sean's best friend, played together at a younger age. Meeting Gyllis again as a grown woman at the Beltane celebrations Sean comes to see her her as a beautiful and alluring woman.
However, just as their relationship is ripening, tragedy strikes. Sean is called home to his father's funeral, and to take up his role as chieftan of his clan. 
Gyllis, unaware of the reasons for Sean's sudden departure, disappointed and heart sore, leaves for home. En route she is struck down by an illness that leaves her future uncertain and the possiblity of being unable to walk again. Gyllis is sent into her brother John's care at the cloisters of Ardchattan Priory, close to Dunolie Castle. Sean learns of her plight and is able to visit her and soon come to understand his feelings for this bonny lass.
Sean has further problems. Someone has been stealing cattle from his land, the clan's ledgers show mysteriously missing funds, and outlaws are abroad.
What with dealing with these problems and coming to understand his feelings for Gyllis, Sean is pushed from all sides. A further menace lying in wait threatens. When Sean disappears it's only Gyllis who knows in her heart where he might be. Weak as she is she courageously effects an exhausting search for him.
Their love must win through huge obstacles, including betrayal and captivity, and Gyllis' brother Duncan's very strong objections.
Another enjoyable Amy Jarecki novel set in the 15th century Scottish highlands.

A NetGalley ARC

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