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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

'she was the most dangerous woman of all'

A Dance with Danger (Rebels and Lovers #2) (Tang Dynasty#5) by Jeannie Lin 

Little did Jin-Mei realize when she went for a walk in the park, leaving her elderly servant resting in the shade, that her life was about to be changed forever.
Bao Yang, a man with a price on his head and the leader of a failed attempt to assassinate and overthrow the vicious warlord General Wang Shizhen, has returned to the city of Minzhou in the province of Fujian to garner support with his powerfull ally, Magistrate Tan. The young woman in the park looked like the perfect target to help him in his quest. 
As it turned out, she is! The daughter of the co-conspirator he seeks is about to become family! Fate did indeed intervene! Just not in the way either Yang or Jin-Mei realize.
As their lives become entwined both Yang and Jin-Mei strive to meet the challenge of their situation, although retribution for General Wang's treatment of his sister remains a powerful driving force for Bao Yang.
A story of betrayal, vengeance and retribution tempered by love, set against the background of the Chinese Tang Dynasty AD 848, 'Dance with Danger' continues the collage of people and events that Lin has cleverly woven together in this time and place.

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