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Monday, April 6, 2015

Saucy, spirited and sexy!

A Highlander's Passion: A Highlander's Beloved Novel by Vonnie Davis 

Honestly, I really enjoyed A Highlander's Passion. Humour and passion--not a bad combination! What could have easily fallen into corny is upheld by the genuiness of the interaction between the characters. I fell in love with Bryce's wee daughter Colleen. Paisley's totally outrageous witchy grandmother Effie features as large as life still with her passion for pink including slippers. Between Colleen's innocence and Effie's racy commentary, it's a hoot. But nestled in the raunchy humour is a message of love, acceptance and honouring each other. 
I have to say that scenes with young Colleen and the way she'd let loose all the secrets that adults said around her were amusing. It was hilarious when she uncovered her uncle's stash of magazines left in a low down hiding place. Her actions are so true of precocious young ones--and yet Colleen's precociousness is gently surrounded by a pure and loving heart. I did find myself giving snorts of laughter on many an occasion.
Shifter bear and widower Bryce Matheson has the opportunity to win back the love of his childhood sweetheart and witch, Kenzie Denune. Kenzie's story is tragic with a dark mystery hidden in her background. Life has not been great, her now dead husband was a brute and Bryce suffers along side her as he comes to understand her heartbreak. His empathy and love speak volumes,  Kenzie is no broken weed though. She is strong, open hearted and wonderful. 
Shifter bears, animal guides, a golden lynx, high priestess witches, evil wizards all embellish and play out a story of finding true love and recognizing what is right before you.
I also appreciated Davis' accolade at the end, 'to all stepmothers...' Well appreciated and often unsung, but winning Kenzie's trust is no pushover. The scene with the rosebuds is heart rendering and a beautiful inclusion. This is fun paranormal romantic romp with the requisite amount of compassion, intrigue and complexity to satisfy.

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