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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

...impoverished untamed Princess wins the day!

The Truth about Leo (Noble series #4) by Katie MacAlister 

'There are times...when I firmly believe that I'm the victims of a dread curse,' thus our hero falls into our lives after having rescued a 'devil-spawn' cat from a tree. His just reward is to be attacked and left for dead by Danish soldiers. 
Competent, hair brained royal spy, Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, seventh earl of March, is en route back to England from Russia via Denmark when he is injured, left for dead in a garden, awakes with no memory, and a beautiful wife, the rather unusual Dagmar Marie Sophie, whom he seems to have picked up along the way with no memory of how.
As the story unravels we are treated to witty dialogue, confusion, turmoil and a host of amusing secrets including that Dagmar is a Danish princess with no funds and is at logger heads with her cousin the Danish Regent. Dagmar's choice of survival had been whittled down by her cousin to a nun's cell or depart to her English relations! Dagmar's method of departure is somewhat unorthodox.
Throughout we are treated to Dagmar's dead mother's advice to her strong minded off spring under the heading, 'Princess Christian Sonderburg-Beck's Guide For Her Daughter's Illumination and Betterment.' Quite often hilariously appropriate to totally whimsical situations. Phrases like, 'docility, humility and modesty are the princess' by words' really amused me as they are set against the context of Dagmar's behaviour.

Another episode in this fun series with just the right amount of romance, intrigue and amusing characters making for a delightful read!

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