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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

'I am going to be alone at Christmas'

A Matchmaker's Christmas (Classic Regency Romances Book 11) by Donna Lea Simpson

What a corker!  Elderly Lady Bournaud decides to host a Christmas party and matchmaking event all in one and Sir David Chappell doesn't realize what he's in for. David owed Lady B more than an indulgence and her letter to him sounded plaintive. Was she sickening? So off he goes, lured to the wilds of Yorkshire, as do others.
Beatrice Copeland, Lady B's companion has a dark secret that changed her life. Her comfort level is about to be challenged. As is Lady Bournaud's when her matchmaking plans go astray.
I enjoyed the wild Canadian, Verity Allen, LadyB's cousin's daughter, (who refuses to marry properly!), and for whom the plot is hatched. The under estimated Lady Sylvia Hampton is amusing as is the vicar Mark Rowland.
I didn't really warm to the two main characters, Beatrice and her nemesis from the past, Sir David Chappell. They fall short. Neither is fully rounded. I know, they are the 'raisen de etre' for bringing the story about. However, they remain unconvincing.

A NetGalley ARC

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