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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

'...hell bent on...well, utter self-destruction'

The Widow Wager (The Notorious Flynns #3) by Jess Michaels

This is Crispin's story, the out-of-control brother who has been heavily alluded to and the cause of heartache and more for his entire family in the first two books of the series.
One minute Crispin Flynn is rashly gambling and destructively drinking, the next he's lost the hand and finds himself married to Gemma, the widow of the Earl of Laurelcross.
Ok I have to say I just loved this beginning! Crispin's night after tear-on-the-town condition, and Gemma, totally dominated by her circumstances, but not broken in spirit.
Gemma's capitulation is a tad unexpected but then with all the tortuous happenings and confessions of a night and day, perhaps it's no wonder. After all won on the toss of the cards or given away in marriage to answer a father's pretentious and findings, both are as heartless as each other.
Michael's once more points to the fate of wives, daughters and sisters at an historical time where women have no rights. Gemma is completely overwhelmed when Crispin gives her choices. That respect has never been awarded her. I loved Crispin just for that.
As they both struggle to build a foundation for their relationship, the past hurts and torments are laid to rest. Their very decidedly explicit intimate relationship, presented over many pages, seems to go a long way with the healing process. Crispin's acceptance of Gemma's sensuality is a balm to her troubled  beliefs. The challenge is will passion become love?
Crispin has deeply guarded secrets that Gemma very courageously breaks through. 
Rescue becomes a two way street.

A NetGalley ARC

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