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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Witty, romantic and so enjoyable!

Wicked, My Love (Wicked Little Secrets)  by Susanna Ives 

When our current stock of Victorian romance writers truly remembered the existence of  Mary
Wolstencroft a whole new genre of heroine came into being. The Bluestocking, she's formidable, generally portrayed as women's rights explorers, often overlooked or social inept. Women that today's women can thank as part of the progress to enfranchment, the recognition of their abilities and their freedoms. Not only that, but they present an excellent opening for writers to incorporate intrigue, humour and indepth social commentary. And that's just what Susanna Ives has given us.  She's given us Isabella St. Vincent. Isabella is a gem. She has an off beat presence that wonderfully combines the different with the interesting. She is an intellect who wants to embrace her womanhood. The how of doing that is the hard part. I laughed at the language Isabella uses, thank you to Aunt Judith, for her womanly parts. I loved her ability to work out mathematical odds and problems. I loved that her abilities helped countless numbers of women to turn their lives around. If only Isabella could turn her personal relationships around!
Her childhood arch enemy is Lord Randall but in their pursuit of matters that touch the very foundations of their joint banking interests, that childhood frisson between them takes on a life of its own, down paths neither has contemplated. A witty, somewhat different and most enjoyable read!

A NetGalley ARC

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