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Monday, March 30, 2015

More intelligent Victorian mystery!

The Angel Court Affair (Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series Book 30) by Anne Perry

This time Pitt is caught in the maelstrom of religious opinions and dissent. Pitt has been asked to guard Sofia Delacruz, a charismatic woman who is creating ripples amongst the  religious by challenging their fast held beliefs. Sofia is an English woman who ran away to Spain and has now returned as a religious speaker. She brings with her a message of radical beliefs that is upsetting the status quo. Pitt has been charged with her safety at a time when there is political unrest across Europe.
Questions arise for Pitt about God and belief. Questions about the acceptance and worth of intelligent women, questions Jemima is asking of Pitt and Charlotte. Perry deals insightfully with questions of love and faith, forgiveness and hope. 
Sofia disappears and it is up to Pitt with the help of Vespasian and Victor Narraway to help. 
The reasons for Sofia's return to England are tied up with her cousin Barton Hall. Newspaperman Frank Laurence and cricket star Dalton Teague involve themselves in this case to the annoyance of Pitt. The path travels from London to Spain and Toledo and back.
I was as consumed with interest about Sofia, her beliefs and her background, and the significance of her disappearance, as Pitt and his allies. The puzzle holds almost to the end. And in the end greed and envy stands alongside hope and faith. Another complex and convincing Victorian mystery set against the national and international politics of the time from Perry. I do so enjoy the intelligent work that Perry produces

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