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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ah! the undercurrent of Parisian noir that is Aimee!

Talk about troubles piling up! Aimee Leduc is now mother to young Chloe. Melac, Chloe's father, reappears at the christening six moths after Chloe's birth, with never a word to Aimee in that time, and is talking joint custody. Complications indeed for Aimee. She is furious, I am furious!
No wonder she is contemplating, with the desperateness of an addict taking up smoking her beloved gaulois.             
Aimee is confronted once more with her fathers death. This time a mysterious gypsy woman, possibly an informant of her father's, on her death bed has sent for Aimee. Aimee hurries to the hospital only to find the woman gone! Seemingly kidnapped from the ward.
History and hurts collide into an explosive conclusion!
Aimee as detective is managing to live alongside Aimee as mother.  This dichotomy is about to be hampered by Aimee as daughter seeking answers to her father's death. Her split focus, the pressure this puts her under is an explosive undercurrent.
I do feel that this volume in the Aimee story is not a good place to start the series. But to any newcomers, don't be put off, start at the beginning of this fabulous series about this feisty, wonderful Parisian. Aimee is driven and edgy, torn between duties and loyalties, outrageous in her vintage courture clothing and Vespa, being a maman in the park, and completely wonderful! Another edgy work overlaid with a definitive Parisian noir mysteriousness.
Little informative gems abound. The mention of Pagoda sent me scurrying to find out more. I will certainly be visiting there!
Renee is as always supportive. His relationship with Aimee as ever on an edge.
Once more Aimee's story enthralled me. Really I adore Aimee! I know, I know some have given up, but Aimee is family.

A NetGalley ARC

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