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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vivid and mesmerizing!

Of Silk and Steam (London Steampunk #5) by Bec McMaster 

Steaming steampunk romance along with a healthy dose of intrigue, the call of justice and dangerous politics! Politically, events are converging and coming to head. The Prince Consort is as dangerous as ever, alliance lines are being drawn between Whitechaple, the humanists and those blue bloods who are seeking change. Lady Aramina, Mina, has been cool and detached, playing a deep game, her  
devotion and friendship to the Queen, her involvement in sedition a deep and closely guarded secret.
Now, she is faced with the problem of Leo Barrons, the heir to her enemy, the man who assassinated her father. Revenge is seductive, but then so is Barrons. A darkly devastating steampunk romance that grasps you from the first page. This is a world where the costs of love is high, where danger thrums at every turn and there's a kingdom to lose. Love is dangerously alluring, thrilling. Mina is afraid of losing her self and her freedom. Trust? Now trust is entirely a different, fearfully wonderful, matter!
The storyline is tightly woven, gripping and immediately immerses you in the time and place. All is alive and real.
A ripping great yarn that held me enthralled and then sent me scurrying to read previous titles in the series. Which I've now done.! Wow! 
I don't think any of the drama was lost by entering the series at this late date. What I gained was a wonderful backlist of books to read that I launched into immediately. It was fascinating to see the referred nuances of the characters that come together in Of Silk and Steam as individuals in their own story. I am now contemplating rereading them all I enjoyed them so much. I have a favourite new author with a whole slew of wonderful new characters to fixate on. Excellent!

A NetGalley ARC

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