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Saturday, February 28, 2015

...solving Bluestocking blues!

The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress (Dukes of War #2) by Erica Ridley 

Really, what a lot of fun! And the ending...surprising! As is Jane Downing, much to Captain Xavier Grey's delight, or amazed puzzlement. And oh that grey demon cat, Egui, the creature that belongs to Jane's brother! An interesting addition that makes for some hilarious and wryly entertaining scenes.
A woman of single minded determination is our Jane. She has decided to take a lover for a short time, well whilst her brother is away, to experience life, before continuing into the long and stretching road of spinsterhood. Jane considers herself a shadowy figure, hidden amongst all. 'Janeisia' she calls what happens. (Very clever!) Take any function! No-one ever remembers meeting her, she is reintroduced all the time and then ignored. People's eyes slide across her, never seeing her. So when Jane decides that enough is enough, and that she will be mistress of her own destiny, to have memories as she treads the spinsterhood path, particularly memories of intimate relations between a man and a woman, she choses Xavier.
Xavier is suffering from the horrors of war, from his particular demons, and had hitherto been drifting in a no man's nightmare land of pain and memory, and regretful self loathing.
Watch out Xavier! You are to be challenged in more ways than one!
Suspend reality and enjoy. I did!

A NetGalley ARC

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