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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tuscany and romance.

What Happens in Tuscany... by T A Williams

Sustained storyline of poor little rich girl being rescued by interesting young woman escaping a broken relationship. The fact that most of the action happens in Tuscany and that 'money's no object' supports the fantasy. Add to that sublime vintage vehicles, top end Italian sports cars and rugby this seems to have all the ingredients I could enjoy.
Victoria (25) has been brought up in an Edwardian time warp if not a plastic bubble and is so over protected that she really doesn't know how to go about fitting into normal everyday life, (let alone television, tablets and tweets) now that her rich, eccentric and over protective father is no longer around to prohibit her interaction with the world.
Katie, after seven long years dumps her dubious rugby playing partner, quits her teaching job and sets out to be the paid companion of Miss Victoria Chalker-Pyne.
Helping Victoria to come out of seclusion into today's world is fraught with all sorts of traps; from avoiding unscrupulous men and the paparazzi, through to how to use lingo more appropriate to the 21st century rather than a Jane Austen novel.
Unusual storyline, misunderstandings around relationships with men and occasional asides on how BF's should support each other add an interesting touch; the ethics of friendships if you like. Maybe a tad predictable. I really saw most of the situations coming. But Hey! This is a romance novel.
Personally the best parts were the descriptions of various places in Italy, the sun, the food and the wine. I really felt the heat of the sun. I am not big on contemporary romances but I am big on Tuscany. Definitely not Frances Mayes-worthy but enjoyable.

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