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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

... a tangled web indeed!

The Devil Takes a Bride (The Cabot Sisters Book 2) by Julia London 

...and now it's Grace's turn. Grace and Honor Cabot are determined to establish a sanctuary for their mother who appears to be sinking into dementia, and for their two sister who are yet to come out. When Prudence and Mercy's turn comes there needs to be no hint of scandal about madness in the family.
Honour attempted her grand plan in The Trouble with Honor.
Grace?  Well trapping a man into marriage might not be the done thing but, desperate times  call for desperate measures! Grace sets her sights on the diverting Lord Amherst brother to the brooding Earl of Meryton.
So, Grace sets up the perfect, 'what could go wrong' scenario, attempting to lure Lord Amherst into a revealing position from which he would not be able to retreat. Et voila, mission accomplished! 
What can we say!
Oh dear! The best laid plans of mice and men etc. etc! Grace ends up in a situation, entirely of her own making and entirely short of where she aimed. 
In this she more than meets her match, carves out an understanding with a man bedevilled by his own demons and embraces an unusual but eventually satisfying relationship.
All is needed is a little understanding and a whole lot of persistence.
The story of Grace's affair is well honed, very risqué and an interesting turn about in the continuing sagas that the Cabot's girls lives seem to enact, or attract!
An occasionally amusing, sometimes puzzling and frequently steamy read.

A NetGalley ARC

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