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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

...secrets and scandals

The Midnight Rake  by Anabelle Bryant 

Charming story about a young woman who sets about to right a wrong, find the cad who'd stolen her inheritance. Along the way she is captivated by, and captures the attention of, a charming young viscount. Phineas Betcham, Viscount Fenhurst, is determined not to marry. His maman has determined otherwise.  Penelope Rosebery has no interest in marriage. She's on a quest.
I am still puzzling over how two young women rescued from the highway by a delightfully generous dowager end up in said rescuer's home having an entire wardrobe provided for them, and even dancing lessons for younger lady, Miss Aubry. Bit of a stretch, even through Phineas ' maman is a tad eccentric, or maybe she plays a deeper game than at first glance.
The continual by play between maman's parrot and the butler. Is amusing. Certainly the novel has a couple of endearing idiosyncrasies despite my quandary.

A NetGalley ARC

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