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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Love denied sparks the flame!

If the Viscount Falls (The Duke's Men Book 4) by Sabrina Jeffries 

Dictate not you think is best, rather ask what she might want ... this is Dominick Manton's and Jane Vernon's story. Love denied and love reclaimed for a mountain of questionable reasons, with a lot of muttering [by me] 'will she, won't she, ... 'and he's just shot himself in the foot with that one,' accompanied this episode of the Duke's men. This is the story behind the lost love, lost opportunities and enduring love of Dominick Manton, founder of Manton's Investigative Agency and current Viscount of Rathmoor. His manoeuvrings to have his fiancé repudiate him when he lost all due to the perfidy of his brother George, the new Viscount,  and how that affected both him and Jane Vernon, whose fortune was so tied up in conditions that if he'd married her they would have been on the streets, or starving in a garret somewhere--a condition he was never going to allow happen to his Jane.
Time has passed, fortunes have turned, George is dead and Dom has now inherited the viscounty. Only Jane is engaged to someone else and her cousin, George's wife has disappeared. Jane seeks out Dom's help. Along the way old wounds are exposed, both Jane's and Dom's eyes are opened, passions are aroused and treachery is as always, in the fore. It will take all of the Duke's men and a decidedly determined lady to bring matters to closure.

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