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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fast paced romantic intrigue!

How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (Renegade Royal Book 3) by Vanessa Kelly 

The royal renegades are back once again worming their ways into our hearts and with this particular Royal into the heart of Miss Evelyn Whitney.  
Not that Will (Captain William Endicott, son of the Duke of York) hadn't always had a place in Evie's heart but the last time they saw each other he had dismissed her CHeck 
Unfortunately Will has been thrown back into Evie's company on orders of his royal father the Duke of York. Just back from the harrowing battlefields of Waterloo Will had been looking for a much needed respite from his intellence gathering (spying) days. Alas no!
Apparently Evie had been assisting the poor at an Irish Catholic Church and the latest out of Ireland was that there was a momentous plot afoot centring around St Margaret's, a hotbed of Irish radicals, the place where Evie is involved. Possibly an assassination, a Royal assassination! Evie has an understanding with Michael Beaumont (son of the catholic Earl of Leger) and is assisting his efforts for the poor. Michael is under suspicion and by extension, Evie. 
Evie is a lovely mix of intelligence and awkwardness, made even more so by her harridan mother. Eden is so much more outgoing and confident.
Will must confront his childhood sweetheart (and her twin sister Eden) and learn what he can for the safety of the realm. His role is to determine who's guilty and who's innocent and confront both Evie and his deeply hidden feelings for her.
Love and danger are a heady mix as Will and Evie are forced into each other's company.
Well delivered lines add humour to tense situations. A delightful read!

A NetGalley ARC

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