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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Charm and danger. An excellent combination!

Viscount of Vice: A Novella (Covent Garden Cubs Book 0) by Shana Galen 

I must admit the opening scenes of Viscount Flynn's risqué if not down right jaunty semi-naked exit from a ball sets the scene for an entertaining read.
Flynn is about to have a past family tragedy come to light.
The Duke of Ravenswood is once more periphably in attendance. This time it is his sister Lady Emma Talbot who is the focal point. She and Flynn have known each other for years. The pull of attraction has always been present. They are connected. That connection pulls Emma into dangerous places as the past confronts Flynn, forcing him into unsavoury situations, which Emma insists on accompanying him on.
When early on, Ravenswood warns Flynn away from his sister, neither realize quite how appropriate that warning would become.
A new scourge emerges from the depths of the London stews around Covent Garden. Satin! A dangerous and despicable character whom I fear we have not seen the last of.
A fast action packed read with just the right touch of romance and intrigue.

A NetGalley ARC

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