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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

...challenges mount for the Guardian of Archers Beach!

Carousel Seas (Carousel Tides #3) by Sharon Lee (Author)

Archers Beach, Maine. Events for Kate Archer, the Guardian take on a new twist. The disruption caused between worlds when Kate frees those imprisoned by the Wise in the Carousel brings new upheavals. A stranger, a newly come goddess enters the sea, and Brogan is threatened. Kate takes the oath of a bound subject, Cael from the House of Aerynomous.
The Amusement Park is being closed down, a beautiful and mysterious cat enters Kate's life. All is not well with the Changing World. And the Wise have started to investigate!
Vassily still looks after the carousel with his angel intact.
Kate needs all the friends, courage, luck and skill she can hold to face the coming storm!
Once again Sharon Lee has come through with a winning combination of action, fantasy and romance.

A NetGalley ARC

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