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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a captivating read!

Never Surrender to a Scoundrel (One Scandalous Season) by Lily Dalton 

A theme of loneliness and the mystery of 'the protector'. Who is Kincraig? What is his past?
When Lady Clarissa Bevington, in a moment of desperation intimates that the mysterious Mr. Kincraig is her lover the die is cast. Foolish Clarissa doesn't quite realize in her moment of panic that she is sealing her fate and that of Kincraig's in ways that she can't envisage.
At that moment Kincraig's eyes smoulder with anger and chagrin at being cast into a role that will cost him all he has been seeking. Those eyes may turn to desire later but will it be too late for both him and Clarissa. What can come of a union started with a lie? Lord Donovan Blackmer, a disgraced crown agent has spent the last two years on a more lowly assignment secretly guarding Clarissa's grandfather. Now was to be his triumphant return to the fold. In a blink of an eye his dreams are in tatters. Yet he cannot relinquish the truth. For that moment he is a true knight for Clarissa. And Clarissa, aghast at her impulse, and puzzled by Kincraig's assistance, knows that she owes this honourable man much.
Danger and intrigue stalk the couple as they make their home in the wilds of Northumbria.
A delightful tale of honour and love founded in sorrow and mystery and a protector who is so much more.

A NetGalley ARC

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