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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

...intriguing highlander travails

Knight in Highland Armor: Scottish Historical Romance (Highland Dynasty Book 1) by Amy Jarecki 

1455 Scottish highlands. Not quite the time of mail order brides but writing and asking for a bride via a letter maybe more the norm for these medieval times. Lord Colin Campbell's beloved wife Jonet has died in childbirth. Colin has been commanded back to Crusades for the third time by the grand Master of the Order of St. John. Colin is a Knight of the Order.
Colin applies to the King for a wife to be a step mother to his new bairn. The older plain woman he envisages, whom will fall in with his marriage for necessity plans, is not what Colin gets. Rather he is married to Margaret Robinson. Young, attractive, determined and talented. Margaret is hoping for someone younger and more loving. Someone who will recognize her abilities and stand by her side.
Their's is not a marriage made in heaven, but it could well end that way.
Though the trials and misunderstandings of unsolved grief, of lack of communication, of long years of enforced separation, of treachery and more litter their path, they find their way to each other.
A romantic story shines through the harsh beginnings and flowers despite the rocky conditions surrounding this particular highlander knight. Loosely based on the life of Colin Campbell, the first Lord of Glenorchy, Amy Jarecki once again gives us an intriguing novel rooted in the shrouded mists of the past.

A NetGalley ARC

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