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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chaos, bananas and mystery. A treat indeed!

Bonfire Night (A Lady Julia Mystery #5.7) by Deanna Raybourn 

1890 near to All Hallows' Eve. Nicholas Brisbane of the 'witch black eyes' and Lady Julia with a heart of gold, an enquiring mind and a gleefully abandoned love for her husband are in the middle of house renovations which are creating havoc. Nicholas and Julia are now parents to the lively Jack.
Julia is questioning her mothering skills as she keeps forgetting about Jack and leaving Him behind. Fortunately Julia's maid Morag has taken charge of Jack. The chaos is added to by Plum and Perdita. Not to forget Perdita's baby Jane, just learning to talk.
So when Nicholas is mysteriously left a house in the country conditional on being there to collect the rents on All Hallows' Eve, Julia is more than ready to pack up the family and flee to a place that offers intrigue, a challenge, a refuge from the renovations and something other than bananas to eat. 
The village of Narrow Wibberley and the crazily built house Thorncross,' the most haunted house in England,' are not disappointing. There are certainly things that go bump in the night. The game's a foot with a surprising ending. A fun novella with the sleuthing family we have come to enjoy in unexpected ways.

A NetGalley ARC

Apparently the last in the series, it is sad to farewell such a stellar cast and the intriguing, sometimes dark, places they find themselves.

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