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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

...treachery and hope!

A New York Christmas: A Novel by Anne Perry 

Anne Perry's  superb writing skill continues to delight me. What goes on beneath the surface of her stories is always a pleasure to ponder. In A New York Christmas sacrifice and love shine through. Questions follow questions, seemingly dark and despairing, and yet a light shines through and truth is revealed.      
It's 1904 and Thomas and Charlotte Pitts daughter 23 year old daughter Jemima journeys across the Atlantic as a companion to a wealthy young woman Delphinia Cardew,who is to marry into a wealthy New York family--the Albrights. This was to be Jemima's 'first real adventure of her life.'
There are strange undercurrents amongst the Albrights. Jemima is unsure about Phinnie's brother-in-law to be, Harley. Phinnie moves between spoilt heiress aware of her alleviated societal place and insecure young woman.
A mystery surrounding Phinnie's mother Maria comes to a head and Jemima finds herself in jail charged with murder. The Albrights draw ranks and Jemima, although still residing in their house, is left to fend for herself. Will she ever see London and her loved ones again?
In her search for the truth and in order to clear her name Jemima finds herself travelling the length and breadth of New York, supported by the young police officer her arrested her, the upright and delectable Patrick Flannery.
For Jemima, a Christmas time miracle is going to be needed.
Spurred on by the thought that she needs to clear her name or suffer incarceration, Jemima applies the logical thought and investigative skills that she has imbibed from the hearth.
Intrigue and surprise are part and parcel of the final outcome.

A NetGalley ARC

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