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Saturday, October 4, 2014

...magic abilities and 'the dragon's advantage!'

The Silver Pear leads on from The Golden Apple, taking us down new paths and experiences of the Great Forest and Wild Magic. Here we become more intimately involved with Rane's brother Soren and a delightful new sorcerer Mirabelle. Like the golden apple, the silver pear is a magical talisman given to Mirabelle by her sorcerer father.
It is stolen after a battle with a sorcerer her lord, William of Nesta. had illegally employed after Mirabelle had refused to 'question' men who kept suddenly appearing in the courtyard of his keep. Mirabelle and Soren join forces to search for the silver pear and Rane.
Meanwhile Kayla and Rane traverse the Great Forest. Kayla to search for training in the use of her witchly gift with wild magic, Rane searching for Soren.    
The Middleland sorcerers are vying for supremacy, focused on taking over the various kingdoms. All four, Rane and Kayla, Soren and Mirabelle are caught up in a battle that will determine Middleland's future.
The Great Forest, as always, is a place of unpredictability, both a refuge and a danger, both friend and foe.
As with the cover of the Golden Apple, the cover of The Silver Pear is delightful, showcasing the beauty and mystery of Mirabelle.  At one stage, within the safety of the Great Forest, Soren reflects on the feeling of sunlight as compared to Jasper's cold dungeon.  He looks back and catches Mirabelle bathed in the sunlight,
'It streamed in through the trees,illuminating Mirabelle in a diffused golden light. ... his eyes kept catching on the way her pale hair seemed to absorb the sunshine, reflecting it back so it glowed.'
We see Soren seeing Mirabelle. A precious moment that this charming cover by Laura Morrigan captures perfectly.
Another beguiling fantasy from Diener.

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