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Monday, September 8, 2014

Mayhem and marriage!

The Lady's Disgrace (Marriage Mart Mayhem #3) ) by Callie Hutton         

A reasonably strait forward story with a couple of twists adding some interest.
The title is an annoyingly accurate reflection of the insular minds of the time.  
A beautiful young woman Lady Abigail Lacey is jilted. Well, actually her fiancé elopes with someone else. Scandalous indeed!
Said woman is thoroughly besieged and besmirched by the gossip mill and any hopes of making a good marriage are reduced to zilch, zero, nil. Only the cads, bounders and fortune hunters are showing any interest. Locking oneself away for a indeterminable time has more appeal.
Fortuitously a long time childhood friend, the now Rector Joseph Fox is in London and calls on the family. 
The Duke of Manchester sees a way through his sister's dilemma and proposes that as a solution to her problem Joseph marry her. Eons ago he had been Abigail's childhood crush.
Certainly there's still a strong attraction between the two. But, there is some confusion about the way Abigail thinks their marriage might work.
'To be or not to be, that is the question!' even as their bedroom antics definitely take a turn for the better. I do like Joseph. A sensitive man who looks to his wife's care and a way through their marriage with determination and gentleness.
The plot thickens when a jealous other attempts to take matters into their own hands.
True love does conquers all. An enjoyable read.

A NetGalley ARC

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