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Friday, July 11, 2014

...the reluctant bride!

Bride of a Scottish Warrior by Adrienne Basso

1314. After the death of her husband, Sir Alisdair Ferguson, from wounds received when gored by a boar, Lady Grace Ferguson wanted nothing to do with marriage again, especially with the wickedly handsome warrior Sir Ewan Gilroy. Carrying the heavy burden of her husband's death, Grace just wanted to find peace in the nunnery she had been brought up in prior to her marriage. But life has a way of opening up different options. Certainly Grace's path is not easy. Her brother-in-law, Roderick has already split the clan with his naked ambition to oust his brother Douglas and become the leader. Grace will be his pathway to achieve that desire.

Ewan needs a bride with a dowry for the people and lands King Robert the Bruce gifted him. All the factors are present for a riveting story. I loved the characters. They are well defined and admirable. Ewan's mother, undisputed lady of the keep until now is someone to be reckoned with that's for sure. Challengingly scary!
For me, the story just doesn't quite come along with the force and energy the plot and the characters deserved.
Still, an enjoyable read.

A NetGalley ARC

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